Big Pictures, Little People

Sponsored by the George Q. Morris Foundation

One of Our Awesome Little People

One of Our Awesome Little People


Designed to ensure access of artistic children’s films to daycare, low-income, under privileged, shelter and foster children, this program buses in children from area shelters and programs, offers t-shirts, surprises, concessions and an afternoon at the movies.  Programming has included Miyasaki classics such as MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO.  Sponsored in part by the support of members like you as well as a grant from the George Q. Morris Foundation.

Screenings happen during the summer months of June, July and August.  All organizations assisting children may contact us regarding participation in the program.  Dates/times are not posted for the public, but please contact Amy Beth Leber to discuss whether Big Pictures Little People is the right program addition for your organization!

Some of our past film presentations:

Northwest Film Forum Animation Festival

Cat in Paris

Local Open Screen Night

Offering local filmmakers a networking and exhibition opportunity, this program works much like a poetry slam.  Filmmakers show up day-of program and offer short films or works-in-progress to be placed on screen that same evening in front of an audience.  This gives filmmakers a chance to see audience reaction to their work and offer them time to create more films, partnerships and friendships through meeting other film artists.  Each program has an audience award, critic’s choice and SLFS pick.

General Public Admission: FREE
Filmmaker submission fee: $5
Location: Tower Theatre (900 South 876 East)
Parking at the Smith’s parking lot on 800 South 900 East.
Program starts: 9:00 p.m.


Make a movie that is under 10 minutes (or, works-in-progress, dailies for features, scenes, etc. that are under 15 minutes are welcome!)

Put it on DVD (we prefer one film per DVD, no menu)

Bring the DVD to the Tower Theatre on the DAY before the show. 

Films are then chosen and programmed in the order of the evening (there is an intermission and all easy content films will be prior to the intermission and more difficult content will be post intermission).  Still, it is an uncensored/unrated program and children under 18 years of age will not be permitted without a guardian. (They are welcome to submit films and attend however!  Just bring a parent.)

Tell all your friends!  Help us fill the audience.

Program starts at 9:00 p.m. and runs for a maximum of 2 hrs.

Utah Screenwriters Project

Utah Screenwriters Project

If interested you can download the application for our 2014/2015 workshop here.

Writers at a Workshop

Writers at a Workshop

Fostering local Utah film writers through a year-long community workshop where selected participants begin with a regional film concept and develop a full-length motion picture screenplay by graduation one year later. Professional mentors from LA and NYC participate to offer insight into what it is like to be a working screenwriter. Local producers participate in a pitch session evening to hear writers’ movie concepts. At graduation, a reading from each completed script is given by talented local actors.

In order to become an official Utah Screenwriters Project fellow, writers must complete the one year program and graduate with a full-length motion picture screenplay.   The following participants were successful at reaching their goals! 

If you have any questions please contact Amy Beth Leber by email or at 801-746-0037.

“Since winning the fellowship, I have been asked to co-write two other projects, and last year I directed my first feature film. I enjoyed the program and learned so much, I would recommend it to beginners and veterans alike… it just works!” — Kelly King 2007/2008 screenwriting participant and fellowship winner.

“However you are working with them fosters a kind of open, generous platform for their voices and that is rare.” –Screenwriter “Nashville” Joan Tewkesbury

Writer/Director Keith Gordon

Writer/Director Keith Gordon

‘Probably the most important, vibrant part of the independent film movement today is regional film-making.  95% of the country doesn’t reside in New York or L.A., and yet that 5% has dominated our cinema and it’s point-of-view.  But more and more, as I teach places like Sundance, or at the Salt Lake Film society I see a new crop of film-makers emerging, with different voices, different backgrounds, and different stories.  Especially as the economic model of filmmaking continues to change, and $5 million dollar ‘indie’ films with big stars and big crews fail to make their money back, I really believe it is local and regional film-makers who will keep intelligent, thoughtful, grown-up film-making alive in America.  And there’s no question that the Salt Lake Film Society is passionately committed to that goal, and goes about it with intelligence, inventiveness and creativity, nurturing and bringing along the best of Utah’s local film-makers.  I’m proud to be associated with them and their wonderful staff, and feel they are doing something important for cinema in America.’

Writer/Director/Actor Keith Gordon, 8/25/10

Utah Digital Directors Project

In 2010 SLFS fulfilled our commitment to regional filmmakers and storytellers by selecting four fellows to participate in our inaugural Utah Digital Directors Project.

The first annual Utah Digital Directors Project launched in May of 2010. This fellowship program selected four Utah filmmakers to participate in a three-month digital filmmaking course. This intensive program will take each fellow through every step of the digital filmmaking process, from camera to screen.  Each fellow honed their skills on how to shoot, distribute and edit using the latest digital technology. The curriculum covered production budgeting, marketing and distribution options currently available to emerging filmmakers. Local businesses provided the stage and editing facilities as well as providing in-kind donations of equipment and expertise. A final celebration screening showcased the debut of each director’s final product.  The UDDP fellowship selection committee was comprised of film professionals in the state of Utah such as representatives from; Utah Film Commission, University of Utah Film Department, Film-Utah Magazine, and SLFS Board of Directors.

As part of SLFS’ Utah Film Fostering Initiative the goal of UDDP is to support Utah’s talented film artists of tomorrow.  Through providing a high quality, hands on experience taught by leading industry professionals, UDDP provides local directors with the solid technical skills, creative support and networking opportunities necessary to launch a successful career in film directing in our state.

Midnight Cult Programming


Fans at the RHPS!

Fans at the RHPS!

Salt Lake Film Society presents our classic cult programming series in two seasons during each year.  Summer of 35MM keeps the summer sizzling with midnight movies each Friday and Saturday night as well as a noon screening on Sundays.  Then, for the season of hallows, every October we present our Tower of Terror series of classic and cult horror films.  Tower of Terror includes the longest running Rocky Horror Picture Show emcee presentation in the nation!  Join us for any of these amazing cult opportunities.  After all, there’s nothing like seeing film on the big screen, in all it’s 35mm glory!

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko