SLFS Digital Deadline

We Made It!

Your support has allowed us to do so much in 2013:
We raised our entire goal of $700,000 to convert all seven of our screens, 6 at Broadway and 1 at Tower, to digital projection!!!

5 auditoriums have already been converted to digital—the final two will be completed in the next two weeks!!! (Stand by for festivities in February.)

Why  is  the  movie  industry  switching  to  digital?

It is economically cheaper to produce digital hard drives of films than 35 mm prints.

How  does  new  digital  cinema  look?

Digital cinema offers an amazingly sharp and vivid picture with access to live opera, ballet, theater, and a growing number of restored classic & foreign films.

How  much  does  a  digital  system  cost?

To upgrade each of our seven screens @ The Broadway & Tower theaters to meet industry standards will cost $100,000 per screen or $700,000 total.

What  are  other  theaters  doing?

Every nonprofit, community supported cinema across the country is facing this digital deadline. Most are meeting this challenge the same way that we are, by preparing to convert, educating their community, and asking for support.

What  will  happen  if  SLFS  does  not  convert?

If SLFS does not switch to digital there will be no more Broadway or Tower theaters. We realize that this campaign is ambitious (and a bit overwhelming), but we really have no other choice.

What  can  you  do  to  help?

You can help by making a contribution to the SLFS Digital Deadline Kickstarter campaign.
Donate by clicking on the button below.

You can also donate at our theaters directly, Broadway Centre Theatres and Tower Theater, or by mail.

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