The Turin Horse

Tower Theatre ● 146 min ● NR
Showtimes: 1:00, 7:00 Ends 6/14

A farmer who makes deliveries to the city in his horse-drawn cart is forced to confront his horse’s mortality, and his livelihood that depends upon it.

Critical Reviews 

Set in Turin, Italy in 1889, The Turin Horse follows the real-life accounts leading to the mental breakdown of Friedrich Nietzsche. After stepping out of his home, Nietzsche witnesses a cart driver struggling to get his stubborn horse to move. In a hot-headed attempt to move the animal, the driver begins to mercilessly whip the horse, and Nietzsche steps in, sobbing, to stop it by wrapping his arms around the animal’s neck. Following the ordeal, Nietzsche goes silent, and remains that way for the next, and last, ten years of his life. The farmer, meanwhile, lives in the country with his daughter and the horse. The horse, still refusing to move, sits outside weathering wind, and refusing to eat. Food and water become scarce for the farmer, who begins to question his livelihood and the potential of an approachable apocalypse. (The Cinema Guid)

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