We Have A Pope

Broadway Centre Cinemas ● 102 min ● NR ● Italian w/ subtitles
Showtimes: 12:10, 2:20, 4:30, 7:10, 9:30 Ends 5/17

The Vatican appoints a new, and very nervous, Pope, as well as a psychoanalyst to convince him to accept the position.

Critical Reviews 

After the untimely demise of the Pope, Cardinal Melville is chosen to take control of the Catholic Church. When the faithful gather in St Peter’s Square to be greeted by their new leader, they are left waiting, and wondering, do we really have a Pope? Behind closed doors, the Cardinal has refused to take the position, and the Vatican attempts to reason with him, and appoints a psychoanalyst to help. (Sundance Selects)

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