Opens 11/4

Wednesday with Wiseman series is a virtual cinema series that will feature a classic Frederick Wiseman film each week, as curated by some of the top filmmakers in the field. They will join Mr. Wiseman for a pre-recorded conversation prior to the films, with a new one being featured each Wednesday as part of a series leading up to the release of his latest film, CITY HALL,

Pre-show Includes a discussion with Frederick Wiseman and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi (Director, FREE SOLO)

This documentary explores the inner workings of the New York City--based American Ballet Theatre, one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world. All facets of the company are explored, from dancers Julio Bocca, Alessandra Ferri and Susan Jaffe in their relentless rehearsals to the managers and businesspeople who keep it running. The dancers' lives outside the school are represented as well, as they balance the strict demands of professional ballet with their personal lives.