Retiring our SLFS Membership Program


Thank you for your support. We work hard to earn it and we want to keep it.

By now you may have heard the news: SLFS has retired our 15-year-old member program. (Please note, your member benefits are valid until the expiration date on your card.)

Using great models like PBS, NPR, and art house cinemas around the US, we have designed new ways to support and love SLFS, and will launch a new donor program on March 1. I am writing to explain why this change is occurring and how you might engage with us once our new program is announced in a few days.

Our goal is to ensure that SLFS remains a viable, thriving home for independent film. We endeavor to make grounded, clear decisions now to protect our mission’s future. The new program will allow supporters to have true impact on independent film exhibition in Salt Lake and it will include a few familiar “thank you” acknowledgments.

To be honest, our old program is not financially realistic. During the founding years of the Tower and Broadway it was a way for new patrons to try us at a deep discount. It now weakens our financial health.

Our mission and services are not changing, but the digital age we live in subjects us to industry challenges including the rise of Netflix and Amazon-type viewing habits, increased presentation costs, non-subsidized and aging venues, and something few know about: exorbitant per-patron royalty fees for the films we show.

We ask you to stick with us on this journey. You are making a difference. Many of you have been with us since our founding, when we were a one-screen movie house with a great video collection. We are humbled by your past support and appreciate that you see value in the programs and services that SLFS provides our community. You have helped us grow. Thank you. Last year alone, of over 230 film titles we screened, more than 200 would never have been seen in Utah without our existence.

It is our intention to be here for you, as well as future generations, offering unique and relevant films and services that engage citizens in meaningful ways.

This leap year we are taking a leap for SLFS’ future. We hope you join us in celebrating the new. It’s the perfect time for us to unveil ways for you to contribute to our strength. I invite you to follow our emails and ongoing communications at We are excited about March 1 and we look forward to talking with you and seeing a movie with you. Thank you again for your support.

See you at the Broadway and Tower,

Tori A. Baker

Our new supporter program will have many of the same features you have enjoyed in the past along with some exciting new options and added social benefits. We’re excited about the changes but also want to assure you that all current memberships will be valid until their expiration dates.

We love our members, supporters, and friends. You are why we do what we do. We hope you’ll be patient with us during this interim period. We will keep you in the loop with updates on our progress. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at .


Frequently Asked Questions
Salt Lake Film Society Membership Program
Why can’t I sign-up for a membership online anymore?
The Film Society is in the year-long process of retiring the membership program and moving towards a “Supporter Program” that better fits the needs of our film community and our operation.
What was wrong with the old program?
It was a 15-year-old program that was developed at a time when we simply needed get people in the door. The program is now at a stage where it is time to evolve it to better build our long-term sustainability. Of course, we will honor all memberships until their expiration date.
Why is the program changing?
It is not sustainable. With industry changes and rising operating costs, we want to protect the Film Society’s mission for now and the future. We want to build on our current growth and success. We need to move towards a supporter program that will allow us to celebrate and acknowledge our donors without creating additional costs so that we can best serve the community.
What will the new program be like?
Our new program contains new options as well as added social benefits. Our goal is to continue to serve and grow the local film community. We will know what it looks like by March 1st.
How can I find out more?
We will be providing updates as we get them through all our usual channels – website, weekly emails, on-screen ads, radio, etc. Current members will receive a letter from our executive director at the end of February. And the new program will be unveiled March 1. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Tive at