ZAP Funding and SLFS

Dear Friends of SLFS,

You may have questions about this article. We are on track to receive our ZAP funds as usual.

The article refers to our recent query asking Salt Lake County Council to consider whether it makes sense for us as a non-profit to pay property tax. (They decided in a 5-4 vote that we should pay property tax.) We chose not to pursue it further after that.

We'd also like to clarify one point from the article which stated that we used ZAP money to buy our digital projectors. ZAP funds were not used to pay for our digital projectors, and to clarify, we did however receive a Cultural Facilities Master Planning Grant from the county for a portion of the projector costs. So while Salt Lake County funds covered a part of our digital projector costs, no ZAP funds were used for them. Further, the digital projectors were paid for in large part by gifts from our community of supporters. We are grateful for you every day.

Thank you,

Tori Baker

Executive Director