SLFS Sight and Sound

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NEW UPDATE: We are now at 108 awesome donors who have donated and contributed this month for us to reach our goal.  BIG THANK YOU! 

If you would like to support our efforts to fund SLFS Accessibility Upgrades for all movie-goers then we would urge you to become a member of our RED CARPET CLUB (or if you are already a supporter you can renew) by clicking on the image below: 



Look here for updates on our SLFS SIGHT AND SOUND fundraising campaign throughout the month of June 2018. If you have any questions about our SLFS Sight and Sound upgrades or to make a direct donation then contact Brandon Suiss at 801-746-2213, or Marcie Collett at 801-503-9434. 

Thank you for helping SLFS make arthouse cinema accessible to everyone in our community. FILM FOR ALL.