Czech Film Tour 2019

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Broadway; FREE

Tues 4/23, Wed 4/24, Thurs 4/25

All films are in Czech with English subtitles

Don’t miss this three-day program of the newest and best in Czech Cinema. For more information on each film, view Full Summary below. Showtimes are listed below.


Tuesday April 23

2018 12 1 Jiří Welsch 4
7:00 PM GOLDEN STING (Zlatý podraz)
dir.  Radim Špaček
Q&A with director Radim Špaček will follow the film.  
Young Czechoslovak men learn to play basketball from American Mormons at a YMCA camp in 1938. When World War II erupts a year later, their coach is arrested and executed. A young lawyer named Franta steps in to manage the team. After the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945, he visits the prison yard where their coach died, picking up a handful of soil and placing in a box with national colors. The team carries this talisman to the European Championship in Geneva where the Czechs miraculously win in 1946. However, everything changes again with the communist coup in February 1948. Friendships are broken, several basketball players are persecuted, and Franta is arrested. The team will go to Paris to defend their title, but can they succeed? (2018, 106 min.)
 Wednesday April 24
7:00 pm TATOVA VOLHA (Patrimony)
dir. Jiří Vejdělek
Fashion designer Eva unexpectedly becomes a widow. Surprises continue to come when she discovers an unknown child's drawing in her late husband's possessions. Even though Eva would like to ignore the discovery, her daughter Tereza, whose life is falling apart, latches onto the idea of an estranged stepbrother. The mother and daughter set out in her late husband’s vintage car to follow the trails of his former lovers, look for old friends, and find out more about the hidden family secret. (2018, 90 min.)
9:00 pm JAN PALACH (Palach)
dir. Robert Sedláček
Jan Palach, an uncompromising young man, made the ultimate sacrifice in the hope of rousing the nation from its growing lethargy and of protesting the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. This biopic describes the last months of Palach’s life, describing his path from an affectionate son, devoted friend and sensitive philosophy student to the “Torch number 1.” (2018, 124 min.)


Thursday April 25
7:00 pm HASTRMAN (The Hastrman) 
dir. Ondřej Havelka
A strange nobleman returns after years abroad to a small Bohemian village to revitalize his family’s property at the beginning of the 19th century. Despite looking like a human, he feels closer to animals. He turns out to be the Hastrman, a water spirit who needs water to sustain his life and gain superhuman strength. In this romantic fantasy, a new love brings Hastrman unexpected happiness and an agonizing dilemma: whether to remain a wild creature or cross the boundaries of intimacy with a human. (2018, 100 min.)
 dukla619:00 pm DUKLA 61 (Dukla 61) 
dir. David Ondříček
The Czech television production examines one of the country’s greatest mining tragedies. Failure to comply with safety protocol, the pressure to produce results, and an avalanche of critical errors caused a fire in a Dukla mineshaft in Haviřov on July 7, 1961, killing 108 miners. Shot in a former mine in Rakovník, this family drama pays tribute to the mining profession. The brave miners regarded their work as a mission, even though they risked their lives each and every day. (2018, 150 min.)