Czech That Film 2016

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Broadway; FREE
Tues 5/3, Wed 5/4, Thurs 5/5
All films are in Czech with English subtitles

Opening night film HOME CARE will screen with director Q&A to follow. Don’t miss this three-day program of the newest and best in Czech Cinema. For more information on each film, view Full Summary below. Showtimes are listed below.

Tuesday May 3
7:00 PM HOME CARE (Domácí péče)
dir. Slávek Horák
Dedicated home care nurse Vlasta attends her capricious patients in Czech wine country. She lives for her husband and daughter. One day, things change and she is forced to step outside of her comfort zone. Drama and gentle humor intertwine as Vlasta realizes that she might need some care too. (2015, 93 min.)
9:15 PM THE WAY OUT (Cesta ven)
dir. Petr Václav

The Way Out tells the story of a young Romani couple who tries to live a decent life for their child, but their efforts run up against the “Romani social trap” of racism and prejudice. Will they overcome the existential problems that start to tear apart their relationship? (2014, 102 min.)

Wednesday May 4
5:00 pm INVENTION FOR DESTRUCTION (Vynález zkázy)
dir. Karel Zeman

Undersea fantasy chronicler Jules Verne provides the subject material for what is not only Zeman’s most popular film, but the most successful Czech film of all time. The film screened simultaneously in 96 theaters in New York City upon release and received the Grand Prix at Expo ‘58. Visually jaw-dropping, poetic and bubbling with imagination, this film restoration is an incredible experience! (1961, 81 min.)

7:00 pm THE LITTLE MAN (Malý pán)
dir. Radek Beran

The Little Man, a kind-hearted bloke, likes to help everyone. Yet, he has been restless ever since he had a puzzling dream. This unconventional fairy tale continues a long tradition of superb Czech live-action puppet features. Its surreal storytelling will endear children and adults alike! (2015, 83 min.)

9:00 pm SCHMITKE (Schmitke)
dir. Štěpán Altrichter

There is something lurking behind the bushes in engineer Julius Schmitke’s life—an allure to the forest. When he is sent to repair an old windmill of his own design that mysteriously keeps breaking down, things start to get very strange. (2014, 94 min.)

Thursday May 5
7:00 pm FIFTY (Padesátka)
dir. Vojtěch Kotek
Set in the snowy Krkonoše Mountians, the film centers aroung the Three Kings 50 km Cross-Country Ski Race, a colorful cast of comedic characters, and a family that holds a deep secret. In a world of mountain lodges, an avalanche of events and memories ensues. (2015, 97 min.)
9:00 pm GANSTER KA (Ganster Ka)
dir. Jan Pachl
Based on the book Padrino Krejčíř by Jaroslav Kmenta, the film follows a Mafioso who gets rich through tax fraud in transactions of petroleum products. Gangster Radim Kraviec, nicknamed Káčko, transforms into a murdering monster when his father is abducted and killed by a rival mafia gang. (2015 , 100 min.)